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Milk & Sugar aka Mike „Milk“ Kronenberger & Steven „Sugar“ Harding became the most famous German DJ/Producer act with their house classics “Let The Sun Shine” and “Love Is In The Air”. But they have never been more successful than now. “Hey (Nah Neh Nah)” rocketed in the Top-10 charts in 10 countries and received gold status in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

What do you consider to be your biggest break that launched your DJ career?

Steven: We’ve been both deejaying since the mid 90’s and had a couple of different projects going on before we launched Milk & Sugar. This was already taking us to big festivals and clubs around central Europe, but after releasing „Higher & Higher“ in 1999, which was our international breakthrough, we’ve had the chance to play all over the world ever since.

Milk And SugarCan you make a living just with your DJ work?

Mike: We DJ, release own singles and we also run a label. Our last track was top 10 in more than 10 countries, so we can´t complain at the moment.

How do you spend the days in between performances?

Steven: Since founding Milk & Sugar we’ve been also running our own label and our music production company, which takes all the time in between our performances. We never stop working, even when we’re on tour, in the plane, hotel or train.

In which way did you set up your recording studio? Do you have pictures?

Steven: The first studio was built in 1995 around a big analog console with dozens of synthesizers and outboard gear, but as we moved to our new place in 2005 with limited space, we sold the mixer and now the mixing takes place completely in a digital environment. Still we kept some of the classic gear like an old Jupiter 8 Synth or a TB 303.


What is the longest time you consecutively spent working in the studio on a track?

Mike: The production of the Via Con Me single was lasting from September 2011 until May 2012. Never ever.

Do you have a radio show or podcast?

Steven: Yes, we do a weekly radio show which is broadcast on many stations around the world. More details can be found on

Which professional from EDM should people try to avoid and why?

Steven: Not sure if I got your question right? Do you mean which person in the dance music scene is a no-go? There are a lot of dick-heads around and everybody knows this. But we decided for us that we are only doing business with people we like and who are easy to deal with.

Choose between WMC or ADE

Mike: you take both. ADE for business and WMC for fun.

If you could go back 25 years in music history, or forward 50 years in music future, which one would you pick and why?

Steven: That´s a quite interesting question! 25 years back was when house music first came up, so I suggest this must have been a great time in New York or Chicago. But I´d prefer looking into the future, I´d love to see how music will be made with technology 50 years ahead of our time!

Which upcoming DJ would you like to put in the spotlight?

Steven: This year has been very successful for our buddy Yves Murasca, who is always good for a top ten record on Beatport! Surely somebody one should put on the watch list!

Is there any genre of EDM you would never play?

Mike: yeah a lot 🙂

Milk And Sugar

What is the essential track from you in 2012 that no one should miss out on and why?

Mike: For me it is Noir – Around (Solomun Remix). Huge in the underground and now ready for crossover.

Steven: Most people don’t want to listen to it anymore, but I think Lykke Li’s „I Follow Rivers“ will stay one of the most remembered tracks of 2012 in the future.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Steven: Never stop going out to dance, meet friends and listen to good music. Buy our records!

Mike: copy kills music.




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